We are a proud ExtDN member!


We are a proud ExtDN member!


26 juni 2019

What is ExtDN?

ExtDN, also known as the Magento Extension Developer Network, is a peer group consisting of expert Magento developers. It’s among the first official groups where Magento experts peer review each others extension with the aim to improve overall quality in the Magento community.

This is one of the reasons we decided to join ExtDN: to improve our knowledge about Magento and talk with like minded developers about new solutions.

Proud member

Being a member of ExtDN means being part of a community consisting of highly qualified Magento experts. What’s important to us is improving the compatibility of our extensions. Because of the wide involvement of other Magento developers, ExtDN has a lot of extensions in their portfolio. It’s our goal ensure the compatibility with all extensions of our fellow ExtDN members.

But additionally, we joined ExtDN, because it’s FUN! Our developers love to be part of a bigger (international) community, improve their skill set, and meet up with other developers at Magento events.

Our Magento products will have more compatibility with other frequently used extensions. With our knowledge and expertise growing, the quality of our products will improve.

We will frequently visit Magento events across the world with our fellow ExtDN members. We are happy to be a part of the ExtDN community.

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon at a Magento event!

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